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Templa was conceived around the spirit of adventure. The prepared feeling of exposure to the elements while clad in apparel that enables. It is a state of mind that extends beyond the snow swept adventures of fireside legend, to the daily micro-adventures that keep us engaged in the world around us. Living this constant spirit of adventure is what drives us to build pieces that subtly empower the fortitude and resilience for any situation no matter the magnitude.

From the high alps to the high street, staying warm and dry with a focus on aesthetic progression and design functionality is the driving force behind every Templa piece.

Think hauling your gear to the chalet when you arrive in darkness, embracing the scenic route on your crisp stroll from dinner back home, or waiting curbside for your ride in the mid-winter gloom.

Developed with deep winter and mixed terrain in mind, the Unworld Winter Boots are a combination of components designed for inclement conditions. From the ground up, the deep lugged Vibram® sole maximises grip for extreme applications, while the high rubber midsole extends the waterproofing up the side walls so you don't need to worry about hidden puddles. The thermally insulated upper is wrapped in a hard-wearing ripstop shell and is complimented with a recycled high-pile fleece lining creating a super cosy interior.

When you need something on your feet that will keep your toes warm, offer solid traction on varied terrain, and will keep you dry through slush, sleet and snow, the Unworld Winter Boots are your trusted companion for cold-weather escapades.

The Unworld Winter Boots are created with Templa's signature handwriting, merging the swagger of streetwear codes through exaggerated proportions with refined details to create a commanding presence.

The oversized removable straps not only provide the opportunity to fine-tune your fit, they also provide considered styling versatility. Wear the boots with the straps on for a maxed-out silhouette or dial down the volume by detaching the straps to highlight the subtle bling of the custom branded black polished eyelets.

From urban streets to snow-covered landscapes and from wide-leg cargos to sporty cropped shorts, rest assured the Unworld Winter Boot has been designed for extreme conditions, be it weather, terrain or style.
Featured Looks

As we lean into new frontiers, the digital landscape emerges with open ended potential. The 'Unworld' project was conceived around a collaboration between Templa and Another-1 to explore, in part, this landscape.

Known for their work in bridging the gap between physical and digital, Another-1 bring their expertise to the project enabling the phygital boot to serve as a gateway to a unique digital experience that extends beyond the tangible world.

By simply tapping your smartphone against the AN1 tag (Near Field Communication Chip) embedded into the boot, you will be guided on the Another-1 platform to enter a unique 6-digit code to pair it with an NFT, guaranteeing authenticity and access to exclusive digital content.

The acquisition of the physical Boots also grants the owner access to a digital wearable compatible with Union Avatars and a limited edition Unworld NFT artwork series created in collaboration with visual artist Jordan Donaldson. The artwork series consists of eight unique atmospheric landscapes defined by a rarity level. Adopting a gamification process, an algorithm will randomly assign one of the artwork series to its owner during the redemption process. Given Templa was founded in the mountains, the Snow World – Tier No.1 Common series represents our connection with the real-world. From here, the environments progressively gravitate away from the tangible towards the pure imagination; culminating in the Glitter World – Tier No.8 Mythic. These non-fungible tokens (NFT) provide additional benefits across the Templa and Another-1 ecosystems, transforming the digital assets into valuable collectibles.

Stay tuned for a list of benefits accessed via the NTF closer to the official release of the boot in August 2024.
Unworld NFT Artworks

Snow World – Artwork Tier No.1 (Common)
Amethyst World – Artwork Tier No.5 (Ultra Rare)
Holographic World – Artwork Tier No.6 (Epic)

The Unworld Winter Boots are a LIMITED RELEASE project with only 500 pairs available worldwide across all colourways.

Available now and up until midnight May 31 (AEST), we are accepting Pre-Orders exclusively on our website. Pre-ordering your pair early ensures your can secure the colourway you want in the size you want. And in addition, all pre-orders will further benefit from a 10% off discount.

Please note that all Pre-Order boot purchases will be made-to-order in Italy and therefore are non-refundable. Boots purchased during our Pre-Order event will be delivered in November 2024.

After purchasing your Unworld Winter Boots, you will receive an email from us with instructions guiding you to create an account at Another-1 Launchpad using the same email address you used to purchase your boots.

Once your account is set up, your exclusive NFT artworks and digital wearables will be automatically added to your Another-1 account.